Big Outcomes

What will World Class look like in Hopkins in 2031? We can paint a picture using the eight Hopkins Success Indicators.

  • First choice. We will be known as a destination district for the state of Minnesota and beyond — the number one choice of students for their education — from birth to age 21
  • 100% Placement to higher education of choice. A Hopkins education will help students understand, support, and prepare for the demands of life after school.
  • Beacon of Innovation. Our district will be seen as a beacon of innovation. Flexibility in education will be important so we can accommodate students' choice of what to study and the method of study that works best for them. We will expand our curriculum beyond traditional subjects like math, science, and history; and emphasize mental, social, and emotional health using a holistic approach.
  • Renowned students. We'll help students become exposed to cultures outside their own as we aim for Hopkins students to learn two languages and visit five different countries before the age of 15.
  • Employers first choice. Employers will seek out Hopkins students for their reputation as being global scholars and outside-the-box thinkers who are able to work collaboratively to solve complex problems.
  • Teachers first choice. We will be an employer for the best, brightest, and most passionate teachers who reflect our student demographics.
  • Eradication of racial and income outcomes. Hopkins will erase racial and income predictability outcomes because every one of our students deserves a brilliant future.
  • Demographics. Our staff demographics will reflect our student demographics.

The path to this new reality will likely be full of challenges and surprises. It will be critical for us to try a number of different things to understand what's important and what works for students to reach their potential.