Elementary Reporting Standards

Hopkins Public Schools has a clearly articulated, developmentally appropriate curriculum that taps into the potential of all learners and encourages them to thrive. Our elementary program is built upon Minnesota curriculum standards, and our focus is to help each child meet or exceed those standards.

At the elementary level, children in grades K-6 are provided with instruction in art, music, reading and writing, math, science, social studies, physical education, and health. Each of these curriculum areas provides our young students with learning experiences that reflect both depth and breadth of content. In addition, beginning in Kindergarten, Hopkins Public Schools students develop important skills in technology and information literacy through digital experiences embedded throughout the other curriculum areas. Detailed standards for each curriculum area, along with technology literacy skills, may be found here.

Our outstanding elementary teachers use instructional standards and professional expertise to provide a rich educational experience for our youngest learners. In each content area specific standards have been identified as important benchmarks against which student progress is measured. These are our reporting standards. On this page you will find links to the reporting standards for each grade level. If you have questions on the reporting standards, or any curriculum area, please contact your child's teacher or your school principal.