Interpreters & Translations


Hopkins staff may request professional interpreters for parent conferences, meetings, diagnostic testing, and other needs. Please use the Interpreter Request form to schedule an interpreter.

If you have questions about your online Interpreter Request please contact Carolina Lloyd, email or 952.988.4066.

TeleLanguage: 1-800-514-9237

Three-way phone interpretation is available from any phone for brief conversations (under 10 minutes). Use this resource if our Cultural Communications Liaisons are not available, or if an interpreter is needed for another language. Receive your building's access code and calling instructions from your administrative assistant.

Easy steps to use TeleLanguage for a 3-way phone call using an interpreter:
  1. Ask your administrative assistant for your building's TeleLanguage access number.
  2. Dial TeleLanguage - 1-800-514-9237 (if using a school phone, first dial 9 for an outside line).
  3. You will be asked for your name, Hopkins Schools/your building and access number.
  4. You will be asked for the language you need an interpreter for.
  5. When you are connected with the interpreter, briefly explain the reason for your call, and give the interpreter the name and phone number to call.
  6. When the person answers the phone, begin your conversation as usual: "Hello, this is (your name) from (school)."
  7. Pause after each sentence for the interpreter to translate your comments.
  8. Listen to the person's response and your interpreter's translation for you.
  9. After you've said good bye to the person you've called, tell the interpreter that this is the end of your call.

Cultural Communication Liaisons

Contact our Spanish, Somali, or Hmong Liaison for assistance in building strong home and school partnerships.

Spanish: Elisa Dorfman, email, 952.988.4211 or 612.282.2728

Somali: Mona Yusuf, email, 612.221.0148

Hmong: Panou Xiong, email, 612.282.2632

Document Translations

Please contact our Interpreters and Translations Office:
Carolina Lloyd,, 952.988.4066



Elisa Dorfman

Spanish Liaison
Phone Number
952.988.4211 or 612.282.2728

Mona Yusuf

Somali Liaison
Phone Number

Panou Xiong

Hmong Liaison
Phone Number

Hopkins School District Interpreter Request

Need an Interpreter for a Conference or Meeting?

Carolina Lloyd

Enrollment Specialist, Interpreter Scheduler
Phone Number

Carolina works in the Enrollment office as a Specialist. She continues working with Liaisons and Interpreters in the district, and supporting staff and families with Spanish interpreting.