VEBA is a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) for employees on our PreferredOne Deductible health plan. This plan is administered by TASC/Genesis who can be reached at 866.678.8322.

If you are a participant in the PreferredOne Low Deductible or the Higher Out of Pocket "HOOP" plan through Hopkins Public Schools, the school district will automatically open a VEBA account in your name.

You will receive an annual amount, based upon your bargaining unit, which is deposited into your account each payroll over the course of the year. As funds are deposited, they are available to you to be reimbursed for expenses such as deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions, eyeglasses, contacts, etc.

Any unused balances at the end of the year will roll over into the next plan year. Funds are available to you until they are used, even if you are no longer with the school district.

If you submit your claim by midnight on Wednesday, you will have your reimbursement mailed or deposited to you on Friday of the following week.

Please note! Per IRS regulations, you may not participate in an HRA if your spouse is on a qualifying high deductible plan and has a health savings account. See the U.S. Treasury website to learn more information.

If you need to freeze your VEBA account, a link to the form can be found to the right under the Resources tab.