Retirement Health Benefits

If you qualify for a severance package through the school district, you are probably eligible to continue your medical, dental, and/or life insurance coverage after retirement. See your bargaining agreement for specific information regarding any subsidies the district may or may not provide.

Typically, you are able to continue the same coverage you had while employed until you turn age 65 and become eligible for Medicare. At that point, you may opt to use the school district plan as your supplemental coverage.

If you are a "school year only" employee, and retire at the end of the school year, your premiums have already been paid in full through August 31st. Beginning in September, your premiums will be paid to CBIZ, our insurance broker, information will be sent to you over the summer. You may choose to be reimbursed for the medical and dental premiums through your VEBA account. 

For specific insurance questions as a retiree, please contact the Benefits Office.

If you are looking for 403b, TRA or PERA information, please click on the link "Retirement Programs" in the Resources tab to the right.