About Us

Each school in Hopkins Public Schools has a registered nurse.

Who we are

  • Registered nurses (RN) licensed to practice nursing by the Minnesota State Board of Nursing
  • Licensed School Nurses (LSN) licensed to practice school nursing by the Minnesota Board of Education
  • Nursing professionals who are responsible for the management of the school-based health program. We advocate for the entire school community's health and safety within the educational setting.

Our Mission

"Promoting student health for student success."

Our Goals

  • Advance the standards of school nursing practice in order to improve the quality of care for children and youth in schools
  • Advance public policy that advocates for the education, health, safety, and well-being of children and youth
  • Advance school, family, and community partnerships that promote meeting the needs of children and youth
  • Advance school nursing knowledge and skills through professional development and research
  • Advance the public's knowledge of school health services provided to students and the impact on school success