Budget Funds in the District

The State of Minnesota directs school district to establish different sets of financial accounts or funds to manage school operations.

The broad categories of funds are Operating Funds and Non-Operating Funds.


Operating Funds

Fund Name
 Purpose Main Expenditures
 Main Revenues

General Fund

Accounts for most daily operating expenses of the district
Salaries and benefitsState-set formulas and voter referendums

Food Service Fund

Accounts for expenses of the breakfast and lunch programs
Salaries, benefits, and food expensesSale of meals—prices set by district

Community Service Fund

Accounts for expenses of educational and recreational programs not part of "regular" K-12 and special education programs. Includes:
  • Early childhood, family education
  • Programs for adults
  • Recreational programs
Salaries, benefits, and purchased servicesSales of services—set by district

Non-Operating Funds

 Fund Name
 Purpose Main Expenditures
 Main Revenues

Capital Projects Fund (Building Construction Fund)

Accounts for revenues and expenses associated with the district's building program

Equipment, building improvements, and technology

Bond sales—approved by voters

Debt Service Fund

Accounts for principal and interest payments on the district's voter-approved building bondsPrincipal and interest on bond paymentsVoter-approved levy

Trust and Agency Fund

Accounts for revenues and expenses for scholarships funded by donationsScholarshipsGifts and donations

Student Activities Fund

Accounts for revenues and expenses for student activity accounts. The school board does not control this fund.All costs except for salary costs directly related to and identifiable with activity Fund raising, special projects, etc. Separate audit done; not under school board control

Internal Service Fund

Accounts for revenues and expenses for the district's self-insured health planClaims and administrative fees for self-insured health and dental insuranceParticipant and district contributions