Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety includes workplace hazard assessments, required safety training for various District departments, record keeping, program management, and implementation. Programs managed through this department include:

Asbestos / AHERA
Bloodborne Pathogens
Chemical Hygiene in Laboratories
Compressed Gases
Confined Spaces (Permit Required)
Emergency Action Plans / Crisis Procedures
Employee Right to Know / Hazard Communication
Fire Safety
Hazardous Waste
Hearing Conservation
Indoor Air Quality
Integrated Pest Management
Lockout-Tagout for Control of Hazardous Energy
Machine Guarding
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Protection
Safety Eyewashes and Showers
Underground Storage Tanks
Workplace Health and Safety Committee

Health and Safety Levy

The Minnesota Department of Education approves various projects directly correlated with a known rule or regulation through the publicly funded Health and Safety Levy. The Minnesota Legislature defines exactly what types of projects may be applicable through this levy authority. In particular, the levy may be used for the following projects:

Physical Hazard Control—FINANCE CODE 347 (machine guarding, OSHA violations related to a specific rule, elevator and lift inspections, and personal protective equipment)

Hazardous Substances—FINANCE CODE 349 (fuel oil tank removal, hazardous & infectious waste management, lead in water testing, and local exhaust systems required in regulated areas)

Environmental, Health, & Safety Management—FINANCE CODE 352 (implementation of Employee Right to Know program, Bloodborne Pathogen compliance, indoor air quality expenses, and automatic external defibrillators); this program code is financially capped.

Asbestos—FINANCE CODE 358 (asbestos removal, repair, and/or encapsulation)

Fire and Life Safety—FINANCE CODE 363 (fire marshal order corrections, fire alarm equipment, fire suppression systems, and emergency lighting)

Contact Information

For more information about our environmental health and safety programs, please contact Jeff Goldy,  952.988.4263 or Contact by email.


Workplace Health & Safety Committee (District)

The District-wide Workplace Health and Safety Committee is a joint labor/management committee with representation from employee groups and administration. 

Management Plan for Lead-in-Water

Hopkins Public Schools is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for employees and students. This Management Plan for Lead-in-Water was developed to reduce the potential for exposure to lead in water and to comply with Minnesota Statute 121A.335, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).