Meadowbrook E News June 5, 2020

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June 08, 2020

Meadowbrook E-News June 5, 2020

A last message from Dr. Greta Evans-Becker, Principal, 952-988-5101

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Holey Moley!! What a parade!!  Thank you, parents, for the wonderful send-off! We had 6 fun grade level parades this week, however, today’s parade was definitely a topper!! We had a solid stream of cars for over two hours and twenty minutes.  Thank you for the signs, decorations and good wishes.  Thank you also for your donations to PRISM. The PRISM van was full of your donations and generous money donations to PRISM.  Kevin from PRISM said that nearly $2000 was donated to PRISM. That is beyond wonderful! Thank you thank you.  It has been my pleasure and a love for me to be at Meadowbrook for these past 12 years. I will continue to hold you all in my heart.


Today is the last official day of a most unusual school year.  Tradition at Meadowbrook is for the whole staff to go out to the bus lot and wave as the children leave for the last time.  Instead, this year, the Meadowbrook staff has made a good-bye video. We are sending you all our love and wishes for a safe, healthy summer. Here is the link for the staff good-bye.


Next week at Meadowbrook –materials pick up and drop off.

Parents whose child’s last names are S-Z will pick up and drop off on Monday, June 8, in the afternoon from 12:30-4:30pm.

Parents of students whose last names are A-I  will pick up and drop off materials on Tuesday, June 9, between 8-noon .

Parents of students whose last names begin with J-R will pick up and drop off on Tuesday, June 9 from 12:30-4:30pm.

--Cars will come to the front door by the Flagpole/office to pick up and drop off.    --Only adults may get out of the car.

--Each grade will have a table with bags for students from your part of the alphabet. 

--Tell the first person the grade and name of your student(s).

--Workers will pull your student(s) bag and you will need to get out of your car to get it. 

--If you have classroom books, math books and other classroom things to return, there will be a teacher box to put them into.

--If your child has made a card for his or her teacher, there will be a box by each grade level with the teacher’s name on it for you to drop the card into. Specials and special ed will have a drop off box for just in case your child makes a card for those teachers.  Be sure to have the teacher’s name on it.

--After picking up your child’s white bag, pull ahead to the ipad/instrument/book drop location  on the left side just past the office.  The containers will be labeled so you know where to place items.

--Nurse Jana will be at the end of the line to hand student medications to parents. Medication not picked up by parents will be destroyed.


If you are unable to pick up at this time, please contact your child’s teacher.


Before you return your iPad and charger please read this message. Please help us with a couple housekeeping items.

First, update the iPad to the latest version of software. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.  This update may take up to 45 minutes so doing this right at bedtime is a good way to do it.  Start the install, then plug it in to power leaving it unlocked, and it will update.

Make sure you have the iPad in its case, the keyboard, and the original Apple charger and cable that came home with your iPad.

To help our staff check everything back in, please have a paper with the student(s) name(s) on it, and their grade, written as large as possible and hold it up against your window.  Staff will then approach with a bin for you to drop the 4 items in.

All Hopkins iPads and WiFi hotspots must be returned back to a district location by June 12, 2020. We are working over the summer to update, clean, and prepare all the student devices for the start of school this fall. If your family doesn’t have a computer at home we can provide you with a summer loaner. To find out more about this please call the Hopkins Schools Technology Department at 952-988-4111.  


Food distribution/kids meals for the week will continue. Be sure to keep signing up for food pick up—it will continue until June 30 for sure. Please remember to sign up each week and come during the designated pick up time which is 10am-12 noon. Pick-up next week is on Monday for last name A-K and Thursday is L-Z .  If for some reason you will be running a few minutes late, please call the Child Nutrition office at 952-988-4060.

Yearbook update. Due to the Covid closings our yearbook printing was delayed and the yearbooks will not be here in time for materials distribution. However, we will get them some time and we will figure out how to get them to students.  We were able to print class composites for every child and those are in the bags you will pick up next week.


School Supplies with School Tool Box.  Our online store is now open for parents to purchase school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year. There will be a link to on the Meadowbrook website all summer long. It takes just a few minutes for parents to order online and supplies are sent to your home. Every purchase helps Meadowbrook PTO.  Make sure to choose Meadowbrook Elementary School in Golden Valley, MN for the school name.


Class photo composite update. Due to multiple variables, we unfortunately will not be receiving classroom composites this year from Lifetouch. One reason is due to them closing their Maple Grove facility due to COVID-19. If you paid for these as part of the fall picture package, they will provide a $10.00 refund. To get this, call the phone number below. 

If parents have any questions or concerns please contact Lifetouch at 1-800-736-4753 or go to and use the chat feature. Keep in mind that due to COVID-19 hold times may be longer than usual.


Greta Evans-Becker Youtube channel. Today’s message is the last of my morning announcements. Today I tell the story of Meadowbrook which began 135 years ago. Here is the link for today’s final video:


Good-bye Wonderful Meadowbrook families! Stay kind and safe and ready!

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