NJH COVID-19 Updates

March 17, 2020

Hello again, Hopkins secondary families!


We hope this finds you doing as well as possible, starting to adjust to the new normal of the next couple of weeks and beyond.  As we shared yesterday, we will be communicating daily through Wednesday of this week. Today’s communication is focused on what the next eight days will entail, for both teachers and students.  


First, a note for our Hopkins High School students: term 3 will extend beyond spring break, until April 10.  Term 4 will begin on April 13.  


It’s important to underscore the significance of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Yesterday the governor declared that restaurants and similar establishments are to cease dine-in service.  The recommendation is now to limit all gatherings to 10 or fewer people over the next eight weeks. Every indication points to distance learning as our mode of education when we officially resume school on April 6. It is quite possible that distance learning will be our approach for a significant amount of time, perhaps the rest of the school year.  On Sunday, the governor declared schools closed for this ‘planning period’ to allow teachers to prepare for extended distance learning, and Hopkins students will begin distance learning on April 6, 2020. Optional, pre-distance learning opportunities will be shared with families and students on Wednesday, March 18.


Our teachers are working diligently to map out the next several weeks.  We have exceptional teachers in Hopkins, and we have great faith in their ability to address the challenge of continuing student learning despite lack of face-to-face interaction.  They are using this time to:

  • Engineer daily learning experiences for students, which may last for the remainder of the school year.  

  • Provide enrichment opportunities for students.  Such opportunities will vary by course and will allow interested students to remain engaged with relevant content until we can resume instruction on April 6.  Families and students will receive school-specific links to this enrichment tomorrow (3/18).

  • Lastly, staff will respond to students and families throughout this planning period about missing/make-up work.  


Our students have responsibilities during the next couple of weeks, as well.  If a student has missing work, they should contact their teacher directly regarding the missing/make-up work.  They are to complete and submit that work electronically by March 27. Also, students should check their Hopkins gmail account daily for updates from the school and from teachers.  

Again, schools will be communicating about enrichment opportunities on March 18.  Teachers will be communicating how to be successful with distance learning for their course, but that communication will likely be sent the week of March 23, as the rest of this week will be spent getting our systems in place for distance learning. 


We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work through this transition to a new normal. 


Kind regards,

Doug Bullinger, HHS

Leanne Kampfe, WJH

Charlie Kusch, NJH

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