Eisenhower/XinXing Media Center

The Eisenhower Elementary Media Center is a busy place during the school day. Our goal is to foster an appreciation of literature and to teach information skills to all our students.

Many students stop by the Media Center before going to class for the day to do a quick book exchange. Students also visit the Media Center for media/technology lessons or story time with our media specialist, Mr. Shepherd. During these library times, they can also choose books for recreational or required reading. 

The Media Lab is used for technology lessons taught by Mr. Shepherd and classroom teachers. Students also use the lab to complete research or online projects using their iPads, or laptops located on a cart within the lab. On Digital Day 3, WIKE, our student news show, is recorded.  WIKE is then viewed in each classroom on Digital Day 4 via an "unlisted" YouTube link sent to teachers.


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