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Our Weekly Newsletter
March 20, 2020

A Message from Mrs. De St. Hubert

“Every cloud has a silver lining.”  John Milton


This week has been an adjustment for us all.  With the uncertainty that is behind us and the uncertainty that lies ahead of us, we must look for a silver lining in each and every day.  There were many Alice Smith silver linings this week:

·      On Monday, our Alice Smith staff pulled together to begin planning enrichment activities for our students to engage in until April 6th.  Our families brought us encouragement, food, and drinks! 

·      On Tuesday, our Alice Smith staff pulled together to organize and distribute over 450 learning materials to our students and families.  Our families brought us more encouragement and Amy’s Cupcakes!

·      On Wednesday, our Alice Smith team pulled together to distribute 100 more bags of learning materials to our students and families.  Our families brought us thanks.    

·      On Thursday, our Alice Smith team delivered needed resources to over 50 families.  Our families brought us strength.   

·      Throughout the entire week our Hopkins staff across the district collaborated on meeting the immediate needs of our families and started to look ahead to potential long- term needs. 

I see more than a silver lining in the way our Alice Smith community and our broader Hopkins community have come together and truly lived the depth of our inclusivity, innovation, and love.  I see hope and excitement in all that lies ahead.    

I also see the gift of time with my family as the world has slowed down around us.  The opportunity to pause and play games together, read together, cook together, and create together is something that provides me hope and comfort!

My wish for our students in whatever lies ahead of us, is that we provide silver linings each day that give them excitement, comfort, and hope! 

Our Alice Smith promise is that we will partner with you every step of the way in ensuring this environment for our students.

We ARE better together, and we WILL get through this together.  

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information: 

Internet Access:  Our district technology team has pulled together a number of resources for families who do not have consistent access to the Internet.  Please see this document for more information.   

General Information: As you know, our state's response to COVID-19 is dynamic and ever-evolving. We will do our best to communicate important updates with you, but you can always check Hopkins District Website for the most up-to-date information on school-loaned devices, Distance Learning, meal pick-up/drop-off, and other important information at

Alice Smith Support: We will continue to check in with our families about immediate needs and long-term needs.  Please contact Jody De St. Hubert directly at 952.988.4201 or with any needs, questions or concerns.  If you have not completed our Alice Smith survey please do so.  We are checking this daily and working to create response plans. 

Stress or Anxiety: The COVID-19 global pandemic is an unprecedented challenge, which can cause increased worry, stress, anxiety, and confusion for students and adults alike. Hopkins Public Schools would like to support parents and caregivers with the following resources.  

Remember, find the silver lining.  In addition to engaging in distance learning, find opportunities to be with your family, slow down, and enjoy the simple things in life.  Children take the lead from the adults around them.  Let your actions communicate excitement, comfort, and hope in what lies ahead of us.  We ARE better together, and we WILL get through this together.   



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