Spring Show 2020 Callbacks

February 26, 2020

Thanks to all who spent time preparing and presenting their auditions. I am always so impressed with your grace and courage.

Those called back-please arrange to begin at 2:45 and plan to stay until 5:45 on the 28th (I am aware of some exceptions). Thx

REMEMBER-scripts are available in Activities Office (see Jake)

Louise-  Abby A, Harper M, Isabel F

Corliss- Vienna A, Victoria M, Megan H, Harper M

Raymond- Ben D, Jack P, Vienna A, Megan H

Mildred-Abby A, Ruby G, Audrey U, Victoria M

Dexter-Jack P, Jack M, Ben D

Janet Archer-Alex W, Harper M, Abby A

Harry Archer-Tyler E, Devon WR

Private Earhart-Tyler E, Will G, Jack M

Lieut. Lenny Archer-Tyler E, Will G, Dante A

Dorothy Pringle-Abby A, Harper M, Victoria M, Alex W

Robert Pringle/Bill Franklin-Jack P, Jack M, Dante A, Sam R

Aunt /Uncle George-Harper, Isabel, Dante A

Mary Franklin-Harper M, Audrey U, Ema T