Official Notices

Hopkins Public Schools has a number of important official notices for residents and parents, including, but not limited to, directory information and military recruiters, equal opportunity, indoor air quality, instructional materials review, open enrollment, pesticide notification, student records, teacher qualifications, schools closings and emergencies, and tobacco-free environment.


Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

Hopkins Public Schools provides students and staff with access to the School District's electronic resources, including computers, networks, Internet, and servers. 

Asbestos Notification

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires a semi-annual asbestos survey at each school to monitor the overall condition of previously known or assumed asbestos containing material (ACM).


We are committed to communicating with you.

Directory Information

By law, student names and other directory information are public information.

Equal Opportunity

Hopkins Public Schools is committed to an inclusive educational program and school climate that affirms the value and supports the full development of individual students.

Indoor Air Quality

We advocate that a healthy school environment is one in which the surroundings contribute to a conducive learning environment for students, productivity for teachers and staff, and a sense of comfort, health, and well-being for all school occupants.

Instructional Materials Review

We have a procedure for parents or adult students to review the content of the instructional materials that we are providing to students.

Minnesota Health Care Programs

Does your child  have health insurance? If not, help may be available. Minnesota Health Care Programs have free and low-cost health insurance for children and families who qualify (Medical Assistance has no monthly premium.

Open Enrollment

On a space-available basis, the district will permit resident students to enroll in district schools outside of their attendance areas, and nonresident students to enroll in district schools.

Pesticide Notification

Minnesota Statute 121A.30 requires us to notify you of dates that we may apply pesticides in or around school property.

School Closings & Emergencies

If winter storms or other emergencies cause us to close school for the day, delay the beginning of the school day, or close school early, we will parents through its BlackboardConnect® message system.

Student Records

Information about students is collected and maintained in individual student records. Upon request, parents may have access to their child's records and have the content explained to them.

Teacher Qualifications

Parents of students who attend one of Hopkins Public Schools' Title I schools have the right to know the professional qualifications of the teachers who instruct their children.

Tobacco-Free Environment

We commit to the total elimination of tobacco use on school property and at school activities.