Public Notice - Asset Recovery RFB-Excess/Outdated Computer & Device Inventory

July 03, 2019

Hopkins School District 270 Asset Recovery RFB – Excess/Outdated
Computer & Device Inventory

Hopkins Public Schools is accepting Bids for purchase of excess/outdated
inventory of computers & devices. Proposals will be accepted for three lots of
devices, for whole lots only. To receive a list of assets available, please contact
Jill Milbert at the below contact information.

Please outline proposals on a price per model outline with the count per model.

Devices are in Fair to Good condition with light abrasions to metal and glass
surfaces. All are assumed to not have chargers. Devices are not etched. Total
numbers of chargers are listed separately. RFB must outline data destruction
guarantee for all systems conforming to DoD 5200.28-M standards.

All proposals must include a deduction schedule or state that there is not one.
All bids must also contain at least two (2) references for completed transactions
in the state of Minnesota or Wisconsin in the past 12 months.

All proposals must be sent electronically to the attention of Jill Milbert,
Technology Department Secretary, at

All proposals are due by 2:00 PM on Monday, July 22nd, 2019. Proposals will be reviewed
and awarded by Tuesday, July 30th. Hardware will be immediately available upon
proposal acceptance. 85% of total bid is due upon receipt of hardware in the form of
guaranteed funds. Bidder is responsible for palletizing items and any required transport.
Remainder of total less any deductions are due by August 31st, 2019. If any deductions
are requested, a full listing of impacted machines along with deduction reasoning must
be provided before payment of a less than full amount will be accepted.

Hopkins Public Schools reserves the right to reject any proposal not found to be in the
best interest of the district.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Jill Milbert at the above e-mail address,
or via phone at 952-988-4100.

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