Results for the Hopkins Strong Relief Fund

Hopkins raised more than $250,000 for the Hopkins Strong Relief Fund.
September 23, 2020

Last spring, Hopkins Public Schools raised $255,117.63 for the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund which includes a $50,000 COVID-19 Pandemic Grant from the Hopkins Education Foundation. The resources we raised were critical to our mission and values and they went a long way in supporting our most vulnerable students, families and employees. Listed below is a breakdown of how these dollars were used. We are so thankful to the Hopkins Education Foundation, who partnered with us to make this campaign possible. The list and table below outline how those funds have been disbursed.

  • Community Education received $137,980.27
    Funds applied toward child care tuition assistance, staff salaries and benefits for child care providers, and mental health and wellness for students and families.
  • School Nutrition received $81,454.86
    Funds applied toward food supplies and staff wages and benefits. 
  • The General Fund received $35,682.50
    Funds applied toward community outreach.

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