Important message from Hopkins Leadership

The purpose of the message is to acknowledge the outrage, confusion, and hopelessness many of us, our students and our families feel about George Floyd’s senseless death.
May 28, 2020

Dear Hopkins Students and Families:

The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the outrage, confusion, and hopelessness many of us, our students and our families feel about George Floyd’s senseless death. We center our message specifically around this incident, and the pattern of similar incidents it follows. We know many of our students and families are deeply affected during this time. We cannot stay silent.

In Hopkins, we love our students and accept great responsibility for highly educating them. And we acknowledge that even when we highly educate our students, including our Black boys, to prepare them for the future they deserve, we have been unable to protect them from all elements of society that continue to exist. Racism everywhere affects our kids every day. Not just here in Hopkins but into Minneapolis, and across the state of Minnesota.

In Hopkins, we believe every child has talents, strengths and an amazing future ahead of them. In Hopkins, we aim to build a culture of high expectations for ourselves and our students. We believe that if we combine high expectations with strong instruction and systems of support, we can educate every child to their fullest potential. We believe it is our job to build efficacy, confidence, and self-worth in our students. How our students view themselves and whether they recognize their lives as being precious is part of our job. And we see parents and caregivers as our partners in this process.

To our Black students and families: We have heard from many of you and we too are committed to change. You have asked us to take a stand, and to reassure you that your children are safe with us. You have asked us what we are doing to teach our children about inclusivity, tolerance, racism, and privilege. We don’t need to tell you that the system in which we live and operate is unfair and unjust. We care deeply about our students’ emotional and psychological safety. We care about the physical safety of our families. Not only are we building our knowledge and capacity as a staff, please know we have resources in place should your child or you need a conversation or even something more tangible during this time. We invite you to contact your principal or your counselor should you be in need. We stand in solidarity with you, and we will continue to uplift all of our students and families.

In Hopkins, our core values include love, authentic inclusivity, vigilant equity, and humility of heart. These core values require us to be present and sincere about what our students and families need and deserve. We are committed to your children and our core values. We grieve and stand together as one while we wish for peace, justice, and ongoing conversation. We thank you for your partnership.

Be well,
Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed, Superintendent
District Leaders
Early Learning and Elementary Principals
Secondary Principals

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