Hopkins students receive 30 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards

Student artists received recognition for their work in categories like mixed media, drawing, photography, painting and more.
January 31, 2020

Hopkins High School art students won a collective 30 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards — 10 Gold Key, 5 Silver Key and 15 Honorable Mentions. The student artists were recognized for a variety of talents including mixed media, drawing, photography, painting and more.

Gold and Silver Key Award winners will be honored during a ceremony at the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis on Feb. 22. Honorable Mention recipients will receive a certificate at school.

Gold Keys:
Annika Danielson, Mixed Media, A Lot On My Mind
Annika Danielson, Mixed Media, Toxic Masculinity
Ethan Osborne, Drawing, Glass Face
Amaya Pena, Photography, Girl Who Looks
Grace Schweigert, Art Portfolio, Life Through a Different Lens
Marcjanna Taylor, Mixed Media, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
Marcjanna Taylor, Painting, American Psycho
Marcjanna Taylor, Painting, I Want to Break Free
Madeleine Rochon, Ceramics, Yixing Tea Set

Silver Keys: 
Annika Danielson, Drawing, Suffocated
Grace Schweigert, Painting, Miscellaneous Pieces
Marcjanna Taylor, Art Portfolio, Different Perspectives
Claire Belrose, Ceramics, Tripod Platter
Madeleine Rochon, Ceramics, Decal Tea Pot

Honorable Mentions: 
Annika Danielson, Painting, Aphrodisiac Daydreams
Annika Danielson, Mixed Media, Finding the Pain in Everything
Annika Danielson, Mixed Media, Planetary Homicide
Amaya Pena, Mixed Media, Collage Triptych
Molly Redmond, Drawing, Mr. Hampshire’s Sunday Picnic
Grace Schweigert, Painting, The Little People
Grace Schweigert, Painting, Reaching for the Sky
Grace Schweigert, Painting, Colorful Chicago
Marcjanna Taylor, Mixed Media, American Beauty
Marcjanna Taylor, Painting, Scream
Samantha Thomas, Drawing, All of These Lines Tell You My Story
Lauren d’Albertis, Ceramics, Flying Butterflies
Madeleine Rochon, Ceramics, Neptune’s Negative Space
Madeleine Rochon, Ceramics, Polka Dot Pot

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