Enrichment Learning K-12

Enrichment activities curated and designed by Hopkins teachers to keep your child engaged in learning until distance learning begins on April 6.
March 18, 2020

These educational activities are designed to keep students engaged with relevant content until we can resume formal instruction through distance learning on April 6. These learning opportunities are for enrichment only and are not intended as required learning or direct instruction. Since these are intended as enrichment, feel free to do ANY of the ideas that are shared from any grade level that best fits your children's interests and needs.

K-6 Enrichment Activities  


Grade 1Grade 2
Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 
Grade 6  XinXing (coming soon)PE Activities
Music Activities Band & Orchestra Art Activities
Spanish Activities  


7-12 Enrichment Opportunities 

North Junior HighWest Junior HighHopkins High School*


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Information about Distance Learning
Communication regarding the distance learning structure will be sent to K-6 families by Friday, March 27, following the statewide teacher planning period. For secondary families, the distance learning structure will be sent to families in two parts. First, you will receive an email outlining the general structure of distance learning. Next week, you will receive communication with details specific to your student’s classes. In the meantime, please encourage your children to engage in the learning opportunities outlined above.  






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