Hopkins School Board Election Results

The Hopkins School Board will retain one incumbent and gain three new faces following Tuesday’s seven-way race.
November 05, 2019
Results are in

The Hopkins Public Schools community elected three new school board members and one incumbent to the school board on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Voters re-elected Steve Adams and chose first-time candidates Shannon Andreson, Katie O'Shea Pederson and Tanya Khan. Andreson and O'Shea Pederson collected the most votes with 3397 (19.08%) and 3180 (17.86%) respectively. Incumbent Steve Adams was close behind with 2782 votes (15.63%). Khan earned 2699 votes (15.16%) beating out two-term incumbent Kris Newcomer by 238 votes. Dave Larson, who was seeking a second term, earned 1931 votes (10.85%). Benjamin Karls withdrew his candidacy prior to the election, but his name still appeared on the ballot. He received 1256 votes (7%).

Long-term board member and current board chair Wendy Donovan did not seek reelection. All results are unofficial until canvassed by the school board on Nov. 12. Candidates will serve four-year terms, which begin in January. 

 Candidate    Total Votes     Percentage            
 Shannon Andreson - Elected  3397 Votes 19.08%
 Katie O’Shea Pederson - Elected 3180 Votes 17.86%
 Steve Adams – Elected  2782 Votes  15.63%
 Tanya Khan - Elected  2699 Votes  15.16%
 Kris Newcomer - Not Elected 2461 Votes   13.82%
 Dave Larson - Not Elected 1931 Votes  10.85%
 Benjamin Karls - Not Elected 1256 Votes   7.06%








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