Chinese girls hockey team visits immersion students at West Junior High

A group of 16 girls from China spent the day with West Junior High immersion students while they were in town to train for the Olympics.
December 20, 2019

The Chinese hockey team visited students at West Junior High on Dec. 17. The group of 16 girls are in town for one month to train for the Olympics. They joined the West Junior High Chinese immersion classes during their visit where they had an opportunity to get to know our students. 

The Chinese hockey team spent time with students in the Chinese immersion program where they played games, had conversations and learned about zodiac signs. The eighth graders in the program will visit China in the spring so it was a great opportunity for them to practice their language skills with fluent speakers their own age.

West Junior High principal Leanne Kampfe said the visit was an amazing opportunity for our Chinese immersion students to connect with kids from a different culture and place. It also allowed them to practice using their Chinese language skills with kids their own age.

“It’s my hope that they were challenged and stretched to really converse and be able to use their Chinese,” Kampfe said. “The whole point of the program is that they can take it and use it in their life, so to have a real life experience today where they had to use it I think was really valuable.”

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