Levies and Taxes and Bonds, Oh MY! Making Sense of Public Education Funding

Tom Melcher pieced together the school funding puzzle for a great crowd from Hopkins, Wayzata, Osseo and Robbinsdale
October 10, 2017

Update: Levies and Taxes and Bonds, OH MY! Making Sense of Public Education Funding


Over 60 community members gathered on September 26 to learn about the many pieces that make up the school funding puzzle.

Guest speaker Tom Melcher, Minnesota Department of Education Finance Director, is Minnesota’s leading expert on public education funding. With his rare appearance at a community event, Mr. Melcher detailed the history of funding Minnesota's public schools and explained the nuances of legislative control, tax consequences and public choice in the funding puzzle.  Many great audience questions were answered and the participants were appreciative of opportunity.  The evening was sponsored by the Legislative Action Coalitions of Hopkins, Orono, Robbinsdale, and Wayzata Public School Districts.

For more information contact Catherine Callahan at 612-597-2388 or lac@hopkinsschools.org.