Visionary Leadership

Meet our Superintendent  

Dr. Mhiripiri-Reed is a trailblazer who has just begun to rewrite the history books. She is the first woman and the first person of color to serve as a Hopkins superintendent. Her background is broad, global, astute, and uniquely Minnesotan. She is the perfect match for a district that shares those qualities.

Mhiripiri-Reed has more than 15 years of experience in public education. Although she describes her work in education as a calling, it was not always the profession she imagined for herself. She went to Yale University fully intending to become a judge. While at Yale, she was presented with a paradox that would change the course of her life. During the day, she attended classes at one of the most elite universities in the nation, but when she would step off campus, she was surrounded by staggering poverty. She became convinced that a solid education was the most powerful tool a person could have, so she changed her major to teaching.

Mhiripiri-Reed went on to teach middle school at St. Paul Public Schools and then became principal of Champlin Park High School. She later she applied to the Doctor of Educational Leadership Program at Harvard and was one of 25, out of the 1,000 who applied, to be accepted.

Several years later, Mhiripiri-Reed began scoping out superintendent positions back in Minnesota. When Hopkins came across her desk, it felt like a match.

"In Hopkins, there is a great amount of freedom to innovate, take risks, and explore novel ways of activating learning for students," she said.

Mhiripiri-Reed intends to use Hopkins' strong foundation as a springboard to become a world-class learning institute.

"We are engaging in a world-class ascent. We are already in a strong place and we can become a beacon organization and a destination school district that others will look to and want to emulate."

Mhiripiri-Reed, is the parent of two children attending Hopkins Schools. Her goals as superintendent include continuing and strengthening the District's E-12 program excellence, emboldening an already strong Hopkins identity, and moving Hopkins from Great to World Class.

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