Schoolyard Garden Coalition



Excellence, Equity, Engagement & Enrichment


Academic Achievement:  By utilizing a place-based, interdisciplinary, and experiential approach to the academic standards, garden educators will work closely with teachers to bring classroom learning to life in the garden.


Increased Health:  Food equity refers to the right of communities everywhere to produce, distribute, access, and eat good food regardless of race, class, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, or ability.  With support from community partners, we will promote health and nutrition with opportunities to taste delicious fruits and veggies found growing in the garden. Teaching students that taking care of the land and your body allows for the development of multiple intelligences integral to whole child education.


Community. We engage in collaborative partnerships that help bring all students, school staff and community members together. We intend to be grassroots oriented, both internally and externally.


Essential Life Skills:  Through placed-based learning, students will gain valuable communication and collaboration skills, while building confidence as problem-solvers. Students practice cultural competence and language development as they cultivate positive relationships with the world around them and their peers.