Hopkins Royal Reps

Are you a creative, out-of-box thinker who likes solving problems, working with others and talking to people? You may be right for the Royal Rep program!
May 23, 2019

Hopkins Public Schools is seeking 25-50 students who are 15 years of age or older, and ideally entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school, to be part of our summer Royal Rep program. These students will lead two different projects that will support our Vision 2031 work. 

Royal Reps should also have the following skills. 

  • An interest in marketing
  • Creative/out-of-the-box ideas/innovation
  • Team player
  • Problem solver
  • A love for public speaking
  • Interview and engagement skills
  • Love people
  • Strong organization skills
  • Technology skills
  • Mobile and/or have transportation
  • Flexible summer schedule

Choose your track
This year's summer Royal Rep program has two different tracks -- an event planning track and an influencer marketing track with a focus on early childhood. Read the job descriptions below and decide which one best fits your skills, talents, and interests.  

Event Planning
August is an exciting time of welcoming back our veteran teachers and greeting our new teachers. Royal Reps can bring student voice to the welcome events by sharing your insights and perspectives of the Vision 2031 and the 2031 Graduate. Help our teachers understand this transition from past to future with your energy, creativity, and hopes. Royal Reps will be developing materials, activities, and presentations during the summer. Additionally, provide our newest teachers with an understanding of vigilant equity and how they can contribute to the brilliant future every student deserves. Be a part of helping all members of the Hopkins community embrace our new vision. Two key dates: Aug 21 and Aug 27.

Influencer marketing with early childhood focus
What matters to preschool parents? What does a world class program look like to them? What do young parents know about Hopkins Public Schools or about Vision 2031 -- the vision our students are living? We need your help to discover the answers to these questions. Royal Reps who choose this track will participate on several projects related to social media, market research, and social media influencer marketing. Be part of something BIG and help us shape our steps for our marketing objectives for next year


  • 15 years of age or older
  • Ability to be mobile and/or have transportation
  • A signed parent/guardian waiver


Apply by emailing a video pitch that includes your track of interest and why we should choose you for the Royal Rep program. Videos should be submitted to: WorldClass@HopkinsSchools.org. Your pitch should be less than 90 seconds and help us understand what talents you would bring to this important work. Video not your thing? Write us your pitch in one to two paragraphs. You will also need to submit a waiver signed by your parent or guardian. You can access the waiver here

These positions will be paid, and therefore come with a high level of expectation and commitment.

Application deadline is June 10, 2019!